Sightseeing Carcassonne
View from Hotel de la Cite Carcassonne. Sightseeing from the perspective of lovely cafe.

My next project was happening in Carcassonne. It feels like in the move, to walk around  medieval village that is still inhabited ( inhabited since the Neolithic period!).  Nowadays there are 50 permanent residence households inside of primeval city walls. I was sightseeing  this fortified French town with a delight. It sits in the luscious valley of the Aude river—the gap between historic trade routes, near the Pyrenees.

This huge construction contains 3 km long walls of the city, 52 massive towers and barbicans, portcullis and draw-bridges. The city figures on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. And, in my opinion, it truly deserves it! I guess there is no other opportunity to see Medieval  military architecture on this scale, well- kept and preserved… The largest fortified city in Europe invites visitors for a wonderful walk, to discover history.

All day sightseeing in medieval Carcassonne

Festival of Music in -Carcassonne
Festival of Music in -Carcassonne

I stayed in  Hotel de la Cite Carcassonne set in the scenic region.  It was large elegant historic, bricked medieval building. Some elements of it were retained in later reconstruction, but in general it’s a few hundred years old part of the city.  Hotel de la Cite Carcassonne features of the original medieval old building with elegant, modern furnishings.What else do we need? Hotel  located in renovated historic buildings filled history,  modern and comfortable. We had wonderful view and sunny weather.

Gustave Nadaud and his poem Carcassone

XIX century French songwriter  and chansonnier wrote a poem about Carcassonne. It’s written from perspective of a peasant who i getting old and was not able to make any sightseeing of Carcassonne. This cry of simple man was appreciated and made this city even more famous. I guess it’s a proof that this city had always been charming and attractive to visitors.

Sightseeing Carcassonne- tunnel of threes
Sightseeing Carcassonne- tunnel of threes

I’m growing old, I’ve sixty years;

I’ve labored all my life in vain:
In all that time of hopes and fears
I’ve failed my dearest wish to gain.
I see full well that here below
Bliss unalloyed there is for none.
My prayer will ne’er fulfilment know
I never have seen Carcassonne,
I never have seen Carcassonne!