Visit Krakow and it's symbol- Wawel
If you visit Krakow, royal Wawel Castle is a must see

My first travel report will be from the city of kings in Poland. I decided to visit Krakow during summer holidays. In fact, it was one of the best choices I ever did. 

We were living in a hotel located near Wisla River, with a beautiful view on Wawel Castle. I simply loved the view. It’s a medieval castle and sacral complex with a magnificent history. It has impressive cathedral, royal apartaments, the biggest bell in Europe and the dragon’s den! It’s definitely something to see for those who visit Krakow. 

I had some free days before the project started, so I decided to walk around and enjoy. I stayed first 5 days in a lovely boat which is a hotel at once, and rocks slowly on Wisla. It was something original, swimming hotel. Ther food was delicious, views amazing and live music brough a charming climate to the cruise. There are thousands of places to stay in the city but I choose something I found interesting, 

Later on, with the leaders from each country we were located in small enclosures separated with wooden fence. I hope others were not angry, because we couldn’t stop talking. Of course, first thing we did was sightseeing of the old, 13th century Salt Mine. It was amazing, dark tunnels, chambers with salt figures, reconstruction of times, when workers mined there every day in hard conditions. I guess it was really healing and enriching to inhalate in the underground kingdom of salt. Around 20 breathtaking chambers and chapels, underground lake and around 800 steps to take! Although it’s the suburbs of Krakow, around 20 minutes drive, I believe it’s one of the most interesting destinations in here. 

What to see if you visit Krakow? – Nowa Huta 

Lenin Statue in Nowa Huta, Krakow.
If you visit Krakow – go to Nowa Huta. Lenin Statue was removed in 1989. The whole square was devoted tot him.

During the project we have visited Wawel Castle, Dragon’s Cave and his big statue, Main Square and all the attractions in there. I didn’t realize how much history is hidden in this medieval walls. So many legends and real stories. Underground museums with archaeological findings. Art and culture everywhere, including Lady with Ermine of Da Vinci. Later on I had 2 ,,free” days, so I went to see Nowa Huta, with all it’s ancient places, medieval churches, dignified cemeteries, places connected with communism, Lenin, independence fight. Next weekend I spent in Bonerowski Palace. Like I mentioned before, there are thousands hotels in Krakow, from 5 stars exclusive spa to small, simple hostels squeezed between old tenement houses in the centre of Krakow. I had opportunity to check some of them, because the cost was involved into the project.

Since the subject of our meeting was about immigrants and integration, we also had a trip to Auschwitz Concentration Camps. 26 people from different countries entered this symbol of nazism and it was also meaningful for me. Two of us had Jewish roots. They came together holding hands. I hope after seeing this ,,museum” in Auchwitz I hope people will think. About avoiding the tragedy which has already happened. Amazing transfer company Krakow Direct took our group of 26 people to the place and found for us 2 guides- English and Spanish. I know it was troublemaking, but some of us didn’t understand english so good, and I wanted everyone to know as much as possible.

Visit Krakow Kazimierz Quarter – Jewish history

Another brilliant district durig Krakow walking tour was Kazimierz Quarter. I happend to be there as my friend told me that there are some famous zapiekanki and I should eat them. I said ok, why not, let’s try Krakow street food.

However, it turned out that it was an amazing choice. Beside delicious zapiekanki, I discovered a magic atmosphere of Kazimierz district! Once it was a separate city, inhabitated mostly by Jews. Due to this fact, there are many synagogues in Kazimierz quarter today. I’ve visited all of them and still i cannot decide which was the best. Kazimierz is totally different than the rest of the city. It’s also thanks to its climatic restaurants and cafes, many of thm with Jewsih menu. Another this was live Jewish music that I was listening while sitting in a charming cafe. It’s a district ou can’t miss while you visit Krakow.

visit Krakow - visit Kazimierz Quarter
Kazimierz District – don’t miss it if you visit Krakow!

Travelling around Krakow

What are the best ways to travel around Krakow I would reccomend? One of it is definitely Krakow walking tour that I did. It will show you the city from its best perpective. A local guide will explain you everything you want to know about it so your tour will will entertaining and valuable at once.

Beside Krakow walking tours, there are organized trips from Krakow to its surrounding. It’s probbly the best way to visit Krakow surrounding areas. Private/Shared groups with a local guide, comfortable car and extremely nice, English speaking driver will make your tour very pleasant. I went with such tour to Auschwitz and it was really good choice.

Visit Krakow and see the city from different perpective!