This time another trip report. I had a pleasure to visit Slovenia and 3 cities in this warm country. Firstly, I had a leaders meeting in Maribor. Then I had some free time which i spent in Ljublana, and in the end project took place in Koper. We have arrived to amazing country, where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the mysterious karst. I had some travel tips, hotel recommendations and advices where to eat and what to do. Ready?

Trip to Maribor

Trip to Maribor
Trip to Maribor

A second-largest in Slovenia city, Maribor. It’s life is strongly connected with wine growing hills and the Mariborsko Pohorje mountain. This is a  of city of the oldest vine in the world, and like you can imagine, it’s obligatory to try some of this scarlet drink. What is more, Maribor has been the European Capital of Culture 2012. It’s advisable to visit farmers’ market and see the many sites of this historic quarter. I’ve beein Climbing  up the Piramida Hill- low hill elevation 386 m which rises above the city, where the Maribor castle once used to stand. I think it’s also ,,must see” in Maribor to take a trip to old town to see The Main Square and the Castle Square. The city is lovely, I guess in top three cities to visit in Slovenia.

Visiting Ljubljana and Koper

The capital of Slovenia greeted us with green parks and medieval and modern architecture. The city is crowned by a hilltop castle and sitting on the banks of the emerald-green Ljubljanica River.  Ljubljanica banks are filled with great restaurants, and chic bars popular with visitors and locals alike.This green city was also awarded the title of European Green Capital of 2016. I saw  Dragon Bridge and Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Stolnica Sv. Nikolaja) . Walking around old city was lovely, also the prices were affordable, especially because it’s the capital.

Ljubljana- view on the city
Ljubljana was an amazing experience and perfect destination for a trip

My last trip destination was Koper. We were glad to join this beautiful coastal community. It’s one of this resorts largely undiscovered by holidaymakers. The prices were really ok. The Venetian-era old city is the gateway to an array of intercontinental adventures. Anyway, it was known as “Goat’s Island” when it was under Venetian rule, interesting, huh?

What to do in this port city? Take a cruise from the port. Walk around coastal town. Visit museums, swim and sunbathe. Visit Belgramoni–Tacco Mansion or Praetorian Palace. We were trying simple Istrian dishes, feeling  blessed with some wonderful fish and seafood. There are so many seafood dishes to choose from, we tried to check them all!